Do you ever take online quizzes or the ones in the magazines?

You know the quizzes I mean:

– what animal are you most like?

– if I were ice cream what flavor would I be?

– which “Friends” or “Disney” character are you most like?

There is a slew of them. I even took one that told me my personality type by the shape of my lipstick after I use it. I’m not kidding. The odd thing it was kind of right

I wonder why we take these quizzes. It’s just one more way of experiencing judgment.  Like there isn’t enough of that in the world!

But when these things pop-up I have to take them. I enthusiastically put the answers in hoping that the result will say – you’re wonderful.

So who am I?


The Disney character I am most like is Minnie Mouse. If I were an ice cream I would be vanilla, (yes you heard that right – vanilla) and my “Friend” character is a cross between Ross and Monica.

I am not making this up. When the answer came up that said I was vanilla the next sentence was, “Please take this as a compliment.” Really? The test knew I was going to be insulted! When you receive a compliment, you don’t usually have to be told what it is.

So, to sum it up I am a bland vanilla nerd who is also an optimistic obsessive-compulsive control freak.

Now, I know I didn’t disclose my animal, but I think I’ve humiliated myself enough for now. We’ll get to that later.

Instead, let me tell you about the animal I hoped to be.



Who doesn’t want to be an eagle? They have no natural predator; they’re confident as all get out, beautiful, and intelligent.


Yeah, I want to be an eagle.


They love to soar high in the sky and have superior eyesight, much better than humans.


I, on the other hand, have a fear of heights, don’t like to fly, and I can’t see a thing without my glasses.


No, I’m not an eagle.


Did you know that these birds are so sure of themselves that they never look behind them when flying? You know how most birds are looking around all the time. They are nervous nellies – wondering if someone or something is after them.  Not eagles. They’re not worried about anyone or anything messing with them.


Me, I am ground-bound as I watch other women seem to soar through life accomplishing so much – with – such – ease. These women eagles continue to move forward while I, on the other hand, am constantly looking in the rearview mirror wondering what just happened. In fact, I spend way too much time looking back.


No, I’m not an eagle.


Eagles are such good flyers they are seen doing spectacular tricks just for the fun of it.


Me, I am afraid to ride a roller coaster. I know what you are thinking, what a fun girl!


No, I’m not an eagle.


My animal quiz thing was actually in a book and was quite extensive. When I completed the questions I quickly turned to the page number indicated. And there it was staring back at me. I kept looking the picture hoping it would change, but it didn’t

If not an eagle, why couldn’t it be something a bit more majestic like a lion?  But it wasn’t. The more I gazed at the picture the more discouraged I got.

I contemplated my flightless life and asked myself what have I done with it? Why didn’t I push myself to soar? Why am I not an eagle, God?  Why didn’t you make my life matter?

I can hear Jesus saying:  ENOUGH “I didn’t die for a life that doesn’t matter.” Get over yourself. So you aren’t an eagle. I created all the animals and I created you to be who you are.

Yes, I’m a penguin.

But when you start reading about them they are pretty cool too. They have a lot of good attributes, such as being faithful, nurturing, and protective. When God made things he was creative. No animal is wrong – just different. The same goes for us.

We must remember that God made us exactly as He wanted and we are important to God. Our lives matter- even if we aren’t an eagle.

Bring some insight to the conversation by commenting below. If you want you can tell us what animal you want to be or think you are!

The penguin is signing off. See you next time.