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Women Seeking Christ is a place to grow in your faith through studies, devotions, and sharing of our lives. Inspired by the women of the Bible who, despite being considered chattel in a patriarchal society, didn’t let life role them over.

Biblical women struggled with infertility, parenting issues, caretaking worries, and health concerns. Some had troubled marriages and others labored to make ends meet. Like us, they were tempted and had character flaws: jealousy, fear, greed, anger, lack of confidence, and selfishness to name just a few.

Women Seeking Christ is a place where we tackle all these subjects and more. Join in, ask questions, express doubts, share concerns, and celebrate victories.

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“I marvel at the intrinsic power given to women by our Creator. Considered chattel in Biblical times, these women did not stand idly by while life rolled them over. Women have the ability to impact the world in a profound way. Even me. Even YOU. Even NOW.” Patrice Van Dyke


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Have you ever noticed that we go all out at Christmas and not so much for Easter?  This year it has been on my mind, and frankly, I am little ashamed of myself. Where’s the joy?


Today’s post is a little different from the norm. We are going to take a quiz that will reveal your “Biblical Woman” within.  No worries, there are only two multiple choice questions!  Be honest when making your selections. This is for your eyes only, unless you want to share with others.