Today’s post is a little different from the norm. We are going to take a quiz that will reveal your “Biblical Woman” within.  No worries, there are only two multiple choice questions!  Be honest when making your selections. This is for your eyes only, unless you want to share with others.

Below are ten brief bios. Please read them carefully and choose two that fit your personality. I know that none will match you exactly, but think about how you see yourself (not how you want to be) and choose a first and second choice. Write your chosen bios somewhere you can refer to easily. I deliberately left out being a good mom, wife, or Christian in the bios. I didn’t want that to sway your decision.

  1. I am a social person who reads people and situations quickly and accurately. I am resourceful, helpful, and keep my promises.


  1. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and work hard to accomplish goals. I am determined, but also have a kind and generous spirit.


  1. I am a great chess player because I have a natural instinct when it comes to tactical planning. I am an advocate for justice and summon courage when needed.


  1. I am a sensible and capable person. People come to me with problems and I am usually able to offer solutions that are practical and effective. Some people might call me a survivor.


  1. I have a great deal of insight into life. Although I am hospitable and enjoy the company of others, I spend considerable time in quiet pursuits.


  1. I love a challenge, champion worthy causes, and fight injustices of all kinds. People respect and put their trust in me.


  1. I like being a woman. I am hospitable to everyone and particularly enjoy my friendships with women. I am involved in charitable acts because I am burdened by the poor and disadvantaged.


  1. I avoid conflict and sometimes have trouble standing up for myself. However, I am generally an optimist. When I get discouraged I take action to prevent melancholy from becoming a way of life.


  1. I am constantly in motion and keep busy most of the time. I am a born teacher and love to share what I learn with others. I am also a truth-seeker and loyal friend.


  1. I am open-minded and willing to try something new. Change does not scare me. However, I stand by my convictions and never compromise on what is right and true. I am a cheerful person most of the time and look at life as an adventure.


Now we are going to look at the bios as epitaphs. For our younger readers, an epitaph is a memorial inscribed on a person’s grave. Years ago it was quite common, today not so much.

If you are looking for something interesting and different to do some afternoon, visit an old cemetery and read the commemorative writings that reveal a person’s life to future generations. It is fun to reflect on the legacies of these people, and it’s also an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon with a friend.

Ok, now go back and chose your epitaph. I know it is hard to choose one, but that is your assignment. Record your choice with the bios. Your choice can be one of the bios you selected or a different option from the list.

Are you done? Were you totally honest about your choices? There is no right or wrong answer.

The bio is who you are – or at least who you think you are at this point in life, and the epitaph choice is how you want to be remembered. My epitaph choice was different from my two bios. So I might want to make some changes to leave a legacy I desire. Need to pray about that one.  Also, all these bios are positive so you can strive for your legacy (epitaph) choice while still maintaining the person you are right now. God made you a diverse and complex person!

To make this more interesting, I chose these attributes from women in the Bible. The numbers listed with the bios correspond to biblical women. So take a look below and see, according to your choices, which women in the Bible you are most like. Of course, you epitaph number provides you with the name of a woman you want to emulate.

  1. Rahab
  2. Lydia
  3. Esther
  4. Abigail
  5. Elizabeth
  6. Deborah
  7. Dorcas
  8. Hannah
  9. Priscilla
  10. Ruth

No science here, just a fun and thought-provoking exercise. Of course, you are more complicated than this list can possibly encompass, but it made me think about my strengths, weaknesses, and future.

In my very first blog post, I wrote about Ruth, whose life changed dramatically when her husband died and her mother-in-law was moving back to her homeland. I studied how this young woman’s faith sustained her as she dealt with tragedy and suffering. She was my biblical mentor during my own encounter with a life change. If you want to take a look at the post you can find it at

Today my bio selections are # 2 (Lydia) and # 5 (Elizabeth), while # 6 (Deborah) is my epitaph choice. As you can see, my biblical mentors vary as seasons of my life change. While starting this blog was a “Ruth” venture, continuing this ministry is more Lydia. Therefore, today I see Lydia as my mentor. Since Deborah is my epitaph choice, I will look forward to her mentoring in the future.

You may want to choose a mentor on this list or another woman of the Bible. There is Jochebed, a protective mom for a child in need, or the daughters of Zelophehad, who were crusaders for a cause. If you have a heart for missionaries, pastors, and others in full-time ministry take a look at the Shunammite woman’s story. Perhaps your focus is on meditation and learning God’s word – then you might be inspired by Mary, Martha’s sister. Has God put it on your heart to take a mission trip? Then read about Priscilla. I could go on for a long time.

Please study these great women. While I can’t provide all the Scripture verses in this post, you can find their stories by looking at the index of almost any Bible or simply “Google” their name for Scripture references. I hope you choose to allow these women with all their strengths and weaknesses to mentor you as you progress through the changes and adventures of this gift God gave us called life.

If you want to share your choices or your mentor, please comment below. You can also just share your thoughts.  I think we inspire one another when we communicate.

Check out the devotions. Our “Word of the Week” is God’s Attributes. I thought since we are looking at our attributes, we can look at some of God’s this week. There are so many names for God that we will probably cover attributes from time to time in this devotional. The children are learning about Jeremiah this week.

Don’t forget to comment! Thanks for reading. See you next time.